Welcome to Mike Eckhardt’s Music Space!

Mike Eckhardt is a music-loving fan from Utah; he’s so fascinated by the music scene that he aspires to be a music journalist someday. To say that he loves music is an understatement; the man has dedicated a good percentage of his life to music journalism and following the latest news and information about his favorite artists. Utah has a thriving music scene which makes it ideal for Mike Eckhardt’s music journo dreams. Utah is home to a lot of creative festivals: Sundance Film Festival, Tulip Festival, Utah Arts Festival, and Shakespeare Festival. The state is a wonderful place for a budding music journalist. This site will be dedicated to all things music and music-related.

Music is one of the most beloved human experiences. Everyone enjoys some sort of music and that is evident in almost every important event from weddings and funerals to graduation ceremonies and presidential inaugurations. The ambiance can be set in any room by simply adding soft music in a restaurant or upbeat sounds at a worship service. Several famous athletes have been known to listen to music as part of their pre-game/match ritual. And let’s not forget those unforgettable soundtracks to our favorite films. We can actually consider music as one of the fine arts. Like other forms of art, it requires creative and technical skill and the power of imagination. As dance is an artistic expression of movement and painting of colors, so music is of sounds.

Love for music is not a tendency of human-beings only. It is a common characteristic of nearly all living creatures. The moment musical notes softly enter our ears; they rouse the dormant love for it. Mythology as well as folktales bears evidence to the fact that even animals respond with joy to the melodious vibrations of the harp. The cows used to respond to the call of Lord Krishna’s flute and flock round him when it was time to return home. There is no doubting the various powers of music, but the aspect of music which is of the greatest value to the human being is its emotional aspects. No achievement can be as great as the emotional and spiritual uplifting that we get from music. Music helps us connect with our deeper self and bring our emotions to the fore.

In parting, music is used as inspiration, reminiscing, and celebrating. Colleges have their fight song, people remember an endearing moment from their past during the playing of an old tune, and we sing Auld Lang Syne at the stroke of 12:00 on January 1st while kissing total strangers and swilling the best champagne. Star Wars wouldn’t be the same without hearing the Imperial March and aging another year just cries for that timeless wonder “Happy Birthday”. Each adventure requires an anthem, every moment needs a melody, and all of life’s little pains deserve a psalm. There is absolute tranquility and harmony, when the magical notes of music enter one’s heart. Such experiences are beyond words and can only be experienced.